8 Ways Interior Designers can Turn a Residential Home Project into endless Viral Social Media Content

Do you find it challenging to come up with fresh and new content ideas for your social media channels?

You are not alone. Don’t get us wrong, a feed of “before and after” photos can be beautiful, but there are better ways to help grow your online presence and showcase your talent as a designer!

Here are a few ways interior designers can repurpose a single residential home project into endless social media content:

  1. Go room by room: start by making a list of all the spaces completed in the project. Note any aspects of the design that you feel extra proud of.
  2. Think like your clients: As you list out each space, think about your clients. What questions did they have? What problems were they hiring you to solve?
  3. Inspiration is everywhere: As a designer chances are you get inspired by things every day. Share about it!
  4. Think FF&E: List out any notable furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Oftentimes something that might seem common knowledge to you as a designer, could actually be a helpful piece of advice to someone outside of the field.
  5. Show me the Finishes: Most people think design is about what looks good together, but you know it actually has to function well too. Educate your followers on their finish options and why some might work better than others.
  6. Let’s talk Lighting: Some of the best spaces have a combination of ambient, task, accent, or decorative lighting. Share the types you used in the space and why.
  7. Be transparent: Was there an issue with the wallpaper that you ordered for the guest bathroom? Were the sconces that you ordered the wrong finish? People LOVE transparency, especially online. Being honest about hiccups in the design process helps to create interest, and trust with your audience.
  8. Don’t gatekeep: It’s 2023 and we are giving away our knowledge generously. Did you use any tips or tricks in completing this project? Let your followers know!

Creating value through your social media content will not only help grow your online presence but help to attract new clients and give you an opportunity to really showcase your expertise in the field.

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