Women’s History Month with Amy Wood Interiors

To conclude our month of celebrating women in the home industry, we are hosting Minnesota’s very own Amy Wood Interiors on the blog.

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Amy Wood Interiors is a full service interior design firm based in Alexandria MN but serving the MN, ND, and SD area. We specialize in lake homes, but are passionate about bringing joy to our clients through interior design in whatever form they can help.

“We want our clients to love their surroundings, and feel like their homes are a reflection of their lifestyles and personalities. Our team takes pride in being intuitive and making the building or remodeling process a stress-free and enjoyable journey. “

Amy Wood

Tell us about your interior design studio and your unique niche!

With the Alexandria Area being a strong lakes community, a lot of our clients are out of town residents that are building their lake homes for the gorgeous summer months. We work with them, and with a variety of talented builders, to help complete the project during the winter so they can be ready for use as soon as Memorial Day signals the start of summer. Our clients trust us to keep their best interest at heart while they are out of state, and to make decisions that shape how their house will function for many generations to come. Our journey starts at the first sketches, and lasts through the final drawers being unpacked and organized. 

What is something your team does that makes you feel proud? 

Our team goes above and beyond to get the project done. We don’t accept a “that’s not my roll” mentality, and are always ready to pitch in to do what is needed to keep a project on track. I am proud of how hard we work to see our clients dreams come to life and to be creative problem solvers.

Did you have a mentor or inspiration in the earlier stages of your career? If so, how did they impact you?

I did not have a mentor in the early stages, but I did have many people who helped me start my interior design career. I think the most important piece of advice I got was to ask questions, but then to actually listen to the answers and work together to find solutions. I learned so much by asking contractors, material suppliers, and skilled trades what they thought was the best way to do something, or how to install, or what material would be the best. Listening to their advice and learning from our failures and successes has shaped our relationships and has helped to build trust in the process. 

As a small business owner, what skills do you use most often in your leadership role?

Communication with my team is the key to success. We have clearly defined rolls and communication keeps everyone in the loop and helps us to anticipate tasks that need to be completed to keep our projects running smoothly. We have processes in place that help our contractors find the information they need, and our clients are always being informed about progress. If anyone on our team is not up to date about key decisions or progress, building can be a nightmare. But clear communication between the team makes our job a dream.

Lastly, what are the best ways that designers can support other designers?

OH! I love this question so much. I feel like there can be too much competition in this industry, and there are so many great projects to go around and so many great clients that need help. I love referring to other designers who have a different aesthetic that suits a client more, or sharing resources about where to get a product. I have learned to much from podcasts and books written by others, that I hope to be a resource for my colleagues as well!

A huge thank you to Amy and her team for joining us in celebrating Women’s History Month. Featuring Amy as our last interview felt like a full circle as she was the first interior designer I, Nicole, have professionally photographed. Her worked sparked this inspiration within me and before we knew it, her magazine article was chosen for the cover. Thank you again for joining us!

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