3 Ways to Strategically Share a Vision Board on Social Media

Vision boards make for great content when shared in a strategic manner. Want to get the most out of your vision boards? Check out these three ideas:

  1. Create a video showcasing the process of creating the vision board. This can be done using time-lapse photography or through a series of clips. Tip: if you build your vision board on canva you can even save the free time-lapse video that it generates for you.

Strategy: Ask your audience to share the post with someone who would love the mood board.

2. Use Instagram’s carousel feature to share multiple images of the vision board. Each image can focus on a different aspect of the vision board or highlight a specific item within the vision board. Use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience.

Strategy: Ask your audience to save the post as inspiration for their next project.

3. Create a blog post on the website, detailing the process of creating the vision board and tagging materials, finishes, or furniture used within it. Pinterest is also a great platform to share the post on and create other pins that showcase the vision board.

Strategy: Place a legible call to action on top of your Pinterest pin that entices pinners to click on your pin and be led to your blog.

Some examples might include: “How to create an interior design mood board”, “Must haves for a Wabi-Sabi laundry room”, or “Designing a living room for under $800”.

How do you like to share your vision boards, let us know in the comments!

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